The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group

Social Media re-launch

on March 28, 2013

We have our fingers in a few social media pies, Twitter, Facebook and our own website branch of the Cochrane Collaboration, but how do we make the most of them?  How do we make what we do accessible and interesting to you – the patients and clinicians – within the field of mental health, and more specifically, schizophrenia?  At the UK Cochrane Centre’s 21st Anniversary event in Oxford there was a significant focus on using social media and normal language to communicate and promote the work conducted by our reviewers.   With this in mind, we aim to improve the presence of the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group online beyond reviews, and we want you to help.  Communication is not a one-way street.  We want to know what you think about current affairs regarding schizophrenia, how our reviews impact your work, if you’re a clinician, or your perception of diagnosis and treatment if you’re a patient.  If you’d like, we’d even appreciate your official peer review of our reviews before publication to make sure we’re not missing the point.  And the point is, are we meeting your needs?  Are we providing you with the kind of information you want?  Are we even asking the right question in the first place?

To move into the 21st Century, but with a flexible structure in mind, we’re going to have specific days for specific topics to help you keep tabs with what we’re doing.  This does not mean to say we’re not flexible.  We are, we’re practically gymnasts.  We will post up any show-stopper news as we find it as well as updates about what we’re doing if we’re at an interesting conference of training event so you know what we’re up to.  Our topics will be as follows:

Mondayssocial network
Current news features including ‘celebs say the craziest things’.

Physical treatments – Drugs, Electric Convulsive Therapy and so on.

International features; what’s going on around the world regarding Schizophrenia

Service related treatments

CSzGs weekly reflections; hear from a member of the team each week to find out what we’re working on, ‘a day in the life of a review author or editor’,  our personal view points about Schizophrenia – you may not agree but it’s all in the name of discussion and collaboration.

Social treatments – Dance, creative activities and so on.

Psychological treatments – counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and so on.

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