The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group

Standardisation in Mental Health: Social and Ethical Dimensions

on April 27, 2013

Attachments:  Pickersgill_2011    Martyn Pickersgill

Date:  May 1st 2013
Time:  5.30pm (followed by light refreshments)
Venue:   B63 Law and Social Sciences Building, University Park, The University of Nottingham

Mental Health

Mental Health (Photo credit: homelesshub)

Time to draw your attention to the next Critical Perspectives on Health and Social Care seminar.  The speaker on this occasion is Martin Pickersgill, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Biomedical Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. Martin has researched and commented upon several aspects of mental health services and practices … one of his recent publications is attached, along with an outline of the seminar.

Developments in nosology and particularly the introduction of DSM 5 and the interactions between these and practice, are important aspects of what many of us do. Does practice determine the institutional structures in which it is conducted, or are practices ceasing to be autonomous and creative activities, and becoming elements of a governed and standardised process?

As always the seminar is aimed at as wide a range of practitioners and academics as possible, though this one is of particular importance to the mental health community. I look forward to seeing you there.

If you wish to attend please inform, although you will be more than welcome if you do not have time to do so.

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