The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group

‘Publish when ready’

on May 8, 2013

As of June 2013 we will be ‘publish when ready’ which means our reviews should be out there sooner rather than later. Watch this space!cclogo-big-trans

About Publish When Ready

What does Publish When Ready mean?

Publish When Ready means that the Managing Editor can select to publish a Cochrane Review either immediately or on a date and time of their choice. This is available 24 hours per day every day of the year.

What are the benefits of Publish When Ready over monthly publication?

This ‘Publish When Ready’ model brings benefits to those who read and use Cochrane Reviews, our authors, and Cochrane Review Groups by:

  • providing rapid publication of all Cochrane Reviews; and
  • increasing flexibility by giving the Cochrane Review Groups the option to choose to publish immediately or select a publication date and time to fit in with other needs (such as alongside a press release).
 * “Cochrane Reviews” refers to protocols, amendments, and updates.

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