The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group

Workshop RA4 Advanced Topics in the Analysis and Reporting of Systematic Reviews

on May 17, 2013

Workshop programme:

Date:  11th July 2013

Place:  UK Cochrane Centre, Oxford

I have a number of places left on our RA4 – Advanced Analysis workshop.  If any authors a part of the Cochrane think they might find this workshop useful please contact Carly Mole for more information and to register.

Should I attend? This workshop is suitable if you:

  •      Have completed Workshops RA1 to RA3 or have the equivalent level of knowledge
  •      Want to be able to deal with a wider range of data types and analysis methods
  •      Want to be able to produce the summary of findings section of your review.
What will be covered?
  •      The generic inverse variance method of meta-analysis
  •      Binary data with zero and small counts
  •      Converting other data types to binary form
  •      Calculating standard deviations when they are missing from papers, using other reported values
  •      Using change scores, time-to-event data
  •      Dealing with multiplicity – outcomes, interventions & crossover trials
  •      Assessing quality of evidence using the GRADE method
  •      Summary of findings tables
How is the workshop run? This workshop comprises lectures and both individual and group practical exercises. Handouts of slides used in the lectures are provided.
What will I achieve? By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

  •      Deal with binary data that are not in the usual form of odds ratio, risk ratio or risk difference
  •      Deal with continuous data where standard deviations are missingfrom publications
  •      Understand the methods for handling other forms of data and be able to communicate with a statistician for these analyses
  •      Understand and construct a summary of findings table

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